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This is an overview of our individual services.

Canadian legislation encourages consumer debtors to look at all their options, which may include a Consumver Proposal (Division II) to one’s creditors, Personal Bankruptcy or accessing Orderly Payment of Debts services.  If you have significant debt, over $75,000.00 (not including mortgage debt on your home), you may consider a Division I Proposal.

We can help you evaluate these options so that you may make an informed decision. You can review more information by downloading this handout (Adobe Acrobat format). It is important to remember that there is usually more than one option when you are facing financial difficulty.  Bankruptcy is only one of a number of available options to your situation.

Personal Bankruptcy is an option available when other avenues cannot solve an individual’s personal credit problems. Bankruptcy enables a debtor to discharge most debts and start one’s financial life again. It is intended to be rehabilitative when debtors get over their financial heads.

Most but not all debts are discharged by bankruptcy proceedings. Examples of those not discharged include Alimony and Support, Criminal Convictions, Fines, Canada Student loans taken within 10 years of bankruptcy and others. More information is available on our FAQ page.

Consumer Proposal (Division II) may be a good option to resolve your difficulties with your creditors if you have consumer debt of less that $250,000 (not including mortgage on your residence), you find yourself unable to pay them, or if you wish to negotiate your debts with your creditors but you do not want to file a bankruptcy assignment.

Division I Proposal may be an option if your debts exceed the debt limits for a Consumer Proposal.

We can assist you directly or refer you to community resources if you wish to negotiate a settlement with your creditors with regard to your debts.

We can explain each of these options to you.

Feel free to download your personal bankruptcy questionnaire from the link in the next paragraph. Completing this information in advance will enable you to prepare for your meeting with us to discuss and evaluate all of your options, at no obligation to you. We will take the time with you to discuss your individual situation and provide you with the options that are available to you to permit you to make an informed choice.

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Click here to get a Personal Bankruptcy Questionnaire (Adobe Acrobat Format)

Click here for a Word 2000 format application form.

If you experience difficulty in downloading the file or are not familiar with extracting zip files, forward us an E-Mail and we will be happy to send this file to you via E-Mail in unzipped form.

In addition, here is a link to:

Industry Canada’s Dealing with Debt – A Consumer’s Guide

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