Legal and Financial Advisors

D. Manning & Associates Inc.

Services to Legal and Financial Advisors

We provide services to legal and financial advisors who are seeking to assist their clients with financial challenges that threaten to stabilise ongoing financial viability.  In such mandates, we act in an advisory role to help you in the restructuring process.  We also can act to assist in the negotiation process when your client wishes to negotiate to purchase a business or assets in a restructuring or receivership environment.

Such situations can include:


Supporting legal and accounting professionals with regard to assisting clients faced with restructuring requirements or loan renegotiations as well as forebearance agreements with lenders, providing options and assisting in negotiations with the lender.

Due Diligence

Assisting with due diligence matters for evaluating and purchasing or selling operating businesses or asset components of a business

Strategic Advice

Assisting, developing and executing purchase and sale strategies for real estate assets

Independent Trustee Services

Acting as Trustee for registered investment vehicles for clients, through our affiliate D.M.I. Services Inc.

Specialised Insolvency Services

Assisting in preparation and submission of proofs of claim for clients with customers in insolvency proceedings

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