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Avoiding Bankruptcy at all costs – Stanley J. Kershman – ” The Bottom Line” newspaper – December 1999– Word 97 format

Barrett Commission Article by Petti Fong – Vancouver Sun March 31, 2000

Beware Bankruptcies Rising From Dead – Article Dealing with Section 30 Assignment of Actions  – “The Bottom Line” Newspaper, June 2001, Writer: Albert S. Frank – Note: Scanned Article

You Can Be Liable for a Family Member’s Tax Debts! – Article on CCRA powers to attack transactions between Family members – Davidson & Company Tax Letter, June 2001 – Note: Scanned Article

Credit Lines v. Credit Cards – Bellzinc Website November 28, 2001

Mortgage Enforcement in B.C. – Andrew Bury of Gowlings May 2002

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