Sherwood Mission Developments Ltd.

Sherwood Mission Developments Ltd. owns a minority interest in an undeveloped Real Estate Development property in Kelowna, B.C.   D. Manning & Associates Inc. was appointed as a Receiver Manger, in a caretaker capacity for the Limited Partners of Sherwood Mission Developments Ltd. on March 2, 2011


Order – Mr. Justice Burnyeat dated March 2, 2011

Order – Madam Justice Dardi dated August 22,2012

Order – Madam Justice Russell dated September 26, 2012

Order – Mr. Justice Davies September 15, 2016


Affidavit of D Manning dated July 22 2012

Communications with Limited Partners

Letter to Limited Partners November 25, 2014


A sale of the subject property has been completed and the proceeds have now been distributed to the Limited Partners.  The Receiver has concurrently been discharged and the file is now closed.

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