Who To Contact?


Lender Insolvency Solutions – Services to Lenders

Any of our key management will be pleased to speak or meet with you to review available strategies and courses of action.

Don Manning, President, Trustee

William Choo, Senior Vice-President

Alex Ng, Vice President

Business Insolvency Solutions – Services to Business

When your business or business client needs independent advice on options and available courses of action.  Examples of sectoral experience available is as follows:

Forest Industry : Don Manning

Real Estate: William Choo

Manufacturing: Don Manning; William Choo

Contracting: William Choo

Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure: Don ManningWilliam Choo

Automotive Dealerships: William Choo

Retail: William Choo

Fishing: William Choo

Dot.Com, Software Development, High Tech and Startups: William ChooDon Manning

Agribusiness: Don Manning

How to Contact Us:

(604) 683-8030

(604) 683-8327

Postal address:
Suite 520 – 625 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6C 2T6

Electronic mail:
General Information: info@manning-trustee.com

William Choo: wc@manning-trustee.com
Don Manning CIRP*: dnm@manning-trustee.com

* Denotes General Members of Canadian Insolvency Restructuring Practitioners Association

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