Corporate Bankruptcy Services

Key Benefits

  • A statute mandated process that enables a trustee to act on behalf of the creditors to liquidate the assets of a business and distribute the proceeds from the assets to the creditors.
  • The priority of payment to the creditors is set out in the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.
  • An orderly process designed to provide closure for all stakeholders in as equitable a manner as possible.


Our firm and our people bring extensive expertise in a wide variety of industries, from small owner-operated businesses to large and complex business organizations. Our pragmatic, businesslike approach is designed to bring timely and effective results for the stakeholders.

Files have involved various industries, including:

Real Estate Developments and Buildouts – contact William Choo

Electronics Manufacturing (Personal Computers)- contact William Choo

Hotels – contact  William ChooDon Manning

Skating Rinks – contact William Choo

Forest Industry Manufacturing – contact  Don Manning or William Choo

Travel Agents and Tour Operators – contact  Don Manning

Trucking and Warehousing Operators – contact  William Choo

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