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Vancouver Business Review and BC Business Proposal Service

A Business Review is often utilized to provide a lender or a borrower with an objective perspective on the current and future prospects of a business, and can be structured to accommodate the needs of the situation. Monitoring can be a good follow up strategy to monitor the implementation of the review, once completed.

This is a brief description of the Business Review and Monitoring services that we offer:

Key Benefits

  • Provides an independent, fresh approach to the issues.
  • Provides clarity to define and measure the issues.
  • Provides recommended solutions and a recommended plan to deal with the issues.


Our approach to business issues is pragmatic, businesslike and solutions oriented. Each of our partners offers broad experience as well as specific industry expertise to offer. Examples include:

Automotive Dealerships – Contact William Choo

Construction Companies including Sub Contractors – Contact William Choo

Condominium Real Estate Project Completion and Sale of Units – Contact William Choo

Retail and Wholesale Businesses – Contact William Choo or Don Manning

Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Ski Resort Operations, Public Marina and Public Skating Facilities – Contact Don Manning

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