Receivership and Agency Services

An appointment of an Agent or Receiver/Receiver-Manager is usually mandated by a General Security Agreement (GSA). The purpose is to provide an orderly and timely possession and sale of assets, or to provide a vehicle to revitalize a business, for example to restructure a business or to make productive business operations more attractive for sale while eliminating non producing business operations. A Receiver-Manager has powers to operate a business, while Agents generally are appointed to seize and sell assets, while Receivers have limited powers to operate a business.

Key Benefits

  • Enables a secured creditor to mandate the means to take possession of and sell their security, advances are made and security is taken by the lender.
  • The appointment may be defined to focus the mandate on specific objectives.
  • Business assets may be sold after statutory notices are served on affected stakeholders, and the net proceeds after paying out priority creditors, applied against indebtedness to the security holder.


Our partners have a broad level of practical, business oriented experience with agency and receivership appointments, each with over 15 years of expertise to bring to bear, including most areas of business activity found in B.C. and the Yukon.  This experience includes such industries as:

Forest Industry

Including Tenure and cut control issues, Harvesting, Log Sorting and sale, manufacture and finished products marketing. Contact Don Manning for more information

Hospitality and Tourism

Our experience includes Ski Resorts, Hotels, including Food and Beverage departments, Commercial and Apartment accommodation, Motels and Residential Hotels, Public Marinas as well as Public Skating operations. Contact Don Manning or William Choo.

Construction Industry

Including Contractors and Subcontractors in the Construction trades, including cabinet manufacture, Site Preparation as well as Road Construction Industries.  Contact William Choo.

Retail Business and Franchised Operations

Including operation, going concern sale and liquidation of retail businesses, professional practices and various franchised operations. Contact William Choo or Don Manning.

Manufacturing Businesses

Including the operation, going concern sale and liquidation of food processing, consumer product manufacture and electronics products manufacturing businesses.  Contact Don Manning or William Choo.

Real Estate

Including completion of construction and sale of residential housing projects, as well as the administration of a mortgage lender with interests in Residential and Commercial Project Financing. Contact William Choo.


Including monitoring a long haul trucking operation as an Interim Receiver, as well as the operation of an operating Trucking and Storage Company with Bonded Warehouse facilities and the selling of the assets. Contact William Choo or Don Manning.


Including Cattle, Dairy, Grain Crops, Hog Production and other Industries. Contact Don Manning.

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